Tuesday, July 8

Momnesia. For real.

Momnesia?  Yes, for real.There is such a thing as Momnesia. I'm not even kidding.

I just read about how Jennifer Garner accidentally locked up her 2 yr old in the car. With the keys. Same exact thing happened to my one girlfriend (who shall remain nameless, but she knows who she is, first initial L)... Got out of the car and shut the door when she realized she'd locked the kid in the car with the keys. Believe it or not, she was in a shady part of town and fortunately some good-hearted hoodlum (apparently there is such a thing) was walking down the street, ready to jimmy a lock for the nearest damsel in distress.

Just witnessed my cousin's wife last night completely blank out at the age of her daughter. (It's 6, Pam. Not 8. LOL). And I would still easily vote her as a Mother of the Year, it happens to the best of moms.

I personally am scarred by recurrent bouts of momnesia incurred at the hands of my own scatterbrained mother, God love her. I'm sure you too have tales of Momnesia, so don't be afraid to spill them here, whether you've committed them yourself or they've happened to you.

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