Monday, July 7

First it was my back...

I'm not even 35, and I feel like I'm 85.

Lower back's been bothering me several months now, so I just started going to a physical therapist. First part, I lay on these heating pad with electrodes attached to my low back, my leg, butt, whatever. It starts zapping, like an awesome massage, then Robyn the therapist helps me stretch my leg and back, which is awesome because she can get me contorted in a way I couldn't do by myself. (The downside is that I get a really good closeup of my legs, and I can see the spots I missed shaving. Grrr, hairy.)

Because I'm pretty sure I injured myself doing unsupervised Pilates mat and also because my back just seems to hurt ALL THE TIME, I haven't been working out as much as I'd like, so I'm trying to take advantage of these PT exercises I have to do by really getting a good workout from them. Some of the stuff's hard, guys! Apparently I something-something'd my sacroiliac something, so I have to do a lot of core-strengthening exercises, and actually some of it is similar to Pilates so I can really get a good sweat going.

Except this morning, I think I overdid it or something bc now my shoulder is all knotted up. I kinda felt it start to tighten up while I was at PT, but I didn't wanna sound like a hypochrondiac so I didn't say anything. Hhahaaaa, just great. Now I'm sitting here with a sore shoulder (can't move my neck) and my usual low-back pain. I feel old and rickety!!!

Is that weird to really sweat so much at PT? Anybody know about these massaging electrodes I speak of ("tens")? Anybody know if they make an at-home model?

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