Thursday, July 3

Best Summer Movie Memories?

Will Smith can do no wrong in my book. Love that guy. Was just thinking about that when I saw a preview for "Hancock". Definitely a movie I want to see, and that's something because it's been a WHILE since any movie has come up, and I've been like, "Hmm, yeah. I think i might wanna see that."

Something about summer gets me in the mood for an awesome movie experience. And when I think back to my favorite summer movie memories, Will Smith's in some of them.

The summer I lived in Aspen was the summer that "Independence Day" came out. After biking, hiking, walking, and drinking, you can run out of activities pretty quickly out there, so we were all counting the days down to the movie premiere. I totally remember how psyched we were when we left the theater. (That movie has a way of doing that to you, doesn't it? I still get charged up when I catch it on TV)

Overall though, my favorite summer movie memory was the year that the first Batman movie came out and its main competition was Indiana Jones Last Crusade. My pal Marge and I hit the theater one hot afternoon, and watched both flicks. Getting to watch two awesome movies back to back... I remember thinking, it cannot get better than this!

I'm trying to remember other movies I've been psyched about over the years... Mission Impossible... The X-Files movie... Eraser (what I can say, I like Arnold)... Tomb Raider... Minority Report... Men in Black...

Which brings me back to Will Smith, I'm excited to be excited about a movie coming out. I figure... the Fresh Prince in a comedy-action flick... again I say, Will Smith can do no wrong in my book.

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