Friday, July 11


I got one of those surveys again... you know, the ones that go, "If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things with you..."

Was stuck in traffic thinking to myself, "OK, let's assume I will be stuck on this island for three years. No electricity. Would I want three things or maybe two things and one person? Or even better, one person, one thing, and one food item. That'd be easy: Ben Affleck, a Tempurpedic pillow, and a humogous jar of Nutella.

Then I got to thinking about other randomness:
  • If you could only have only one pizza topping for ever and ever and ever (you get the point), what would it be?
  • You get one phone call in jail, who would you make yours to?
    (My cousin's wife Pam.)
  • You're on a road trip and really really have to go to the bathroom. Your choices are the dirty public restroom, to wait until the next restroom (in 49 miles), or go in the woods.
    (Go in the woods)
  • If you could only have access to one, which would you pick: cell phone or email?
    (Email. I hate talking on the phone)
  • What would you rather have named after you: a cocktail drink, a sports complex, or a computer virus?
    (a cocktail drink. But it has to have tabasco sauce in it)

OK, have fun with that. Feel free to share your answers, or make up some of your own questions. Maybe if we can gather up a long list of original random questions, I will start my own email-forwarded-survey and see if it generates any steam. It'd be funny to get it back in my inbox someday, and find that's it's been forwarded to so many people, it ended up back at me.

I mean, that'd actually be more likely than Bill Gates sending me that $100 Gap gift card.

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