Thursday, June 26

"One o' them there shows"

Hey aren't you guys on one o' them there shows?My friend Lauren is an incredible singer. So of course, as is to be expected these days, anyone with a passing singing ability on up to those super-vocalists must get told all the time that they "should be on Idol!!"

Yes, this happens to Lauren all the time. She sang at party my parents had, and my aunt's boyfriend Mike said, "Y'know Lauren, you really should be on one o' them there shows."

"Them there shows" being American Idol, we assume. We laugh at this, as if she's never heard this suggestion before (certainly not put in such a descriptive way), but also because not only does he think it's such a brilliant idea that she's hearing for the first time, but he thinks it's a brilliant idea EVERY time he tells her. Neither of us has the heart to tell him.

So, finally, maybe to get him to shut his pie-hole, she will audition this summer when American Idol comes back to town for auditions on August 19 at the Meadowlands. (Tell all your karaoke buddies, and secret shower-singers) It seems in years past, fate has gotten in the way of her auditioning when the Idol try-outs were local, but hopefully this year she will have her chance. And now that I'm posting it here, she will not be able to flake out and blame it on her nerves.

If things go well, we finally can ask Mike, "Hey, did you see Lauren on one of them there shows?". Fingers crossed.

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSS!!! she should totally try out for one of them darn shows. American Idol would be ideal... How can we convince her to do it??? And how would we decide who gets to go with her to Hollywood ;)