Thursday, June 26

"I'm having dinner at Faith & Tim's..."

C'mon, don't they just look like people you want at your next dinner party??OK, I'm not really. I do like the sound of it though... that I'm headed over to Faith & Tim's for dinner, not just 'coz the "Faith & Tim" I refer to are uber-celebs Faith HILL & Tim McGRAW.

I just get the impression that if it weren't for fame and the fact that they live godknowswhere, I think that if Faith & Tim lived in my neighborhood, we'd be best buddies. He'd have some vague office job at some pharmaceutical company, she'd have a part-time job at the library when she wasn't shuttling the kids to soccergirlscoutsballettennispiano. She hosts Pampered Chef parties, he picks up my mail when we're out of town. I can totally see it.

How did I come about this deluded suburban fantasy? All because of the video I caught this morning.... have you already heard this story? Tim's doing a show in Washington the other night, where he sees this rowdy fan in the front row start hitting some woman. He calls for security to get rid of the guy, and ends up just pulling the guy onstage himself, where he nearly has to throw a punch at the guy. All during this instrumental break! Tim never even misses a beat!!! Two seconds later, he's back to singing as if this happens all the time. You'd think they staged the whole thing! How awesome is he?!

Here, take a look for yourself:

Totally reminded me of the incident with Faith Hill (last year?) when someone woman grabbed Tim's crotch and Faith flipped out (all set to song... it was like Trapped in the Closet. But different.) Best part: "You don’t go grabbin' somebody else's... somebody's husband's balls, you understand me? That's very disrespectful.” <-- now imagine that, as sung by Faith Hill. The two of them must be such pistols in real life. I want to know them. To the naked eye, they might seem like polite Southern folk, but on closer inspection they are probably spunky, call-it-like-they-see-it sarcastic blankitty-blanks, who can probably drink you under the table again and again. And they love their kids.

And remember to invite me over for dinner when you do. Or game night. You guys are probably a blast at Charades.

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