Monday, June 30

Major Klutz

If I knew hot guys in suits were waiting for me, I'd have been ok with falling into the pool.Nearly fell in a pool yesterday.

Was at a bridal shower being held in my pal's beautiful backyard yesterday... the sprawling deck, the huge pool, and big tree over the lawn with the beautifully decorated tables. I was making my sauve entrance down the steps of the deck... when my heel got caught in the decking, and I felt myself lurch forward....

Luckily, I came to an awkward halt barely a foot away from the edge of the foot. Yeah, I'm sure I looked real smooth. Real smooth.

What's funny is that Chris Rollins was there to witness this near-disaster, and I can't remember exactly what she said, but I know we thought the same thing: "Oh my God, not again!"

Chris & I were at another bridal shower last fall, when I started a fire. Right at the table. We were playing a bridal shower word search, happily sharing our answers with the other gals at the table. I leaned over to show my card to the folks across from me, not realizing I had the card sitting right on top of a candle.

"Oh my God, Toni. Fire!"

At which point, I began to fan the card in the air. Duh. Chris had the sense to pat something down to stop the flames (very minor, but still quite alarming). It was still burning a little, so I threw the card in a cup of 7-Up, but not after dropping some ash in Chris' lap. She brushed the ashes off, which would've been easy enough if she wasn't wearing brand new BLACK dress pants. Grey streaks of ash on her pants + an incinerated index card in my soda = total Ethel/Lucy moment right there.

I'm a little clumsy. Either that, or I am a disaster magnet. I've been pretty good in my old age, but I was quite the little klutz in my younger days. Food on the floor. Ink on my clothes. Walking into stuff. Ugh. I could go on, but I am depressing myself.

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