Tuesday, July 1

Where to eat? HELP!

My cousin is in town with her boyfriend, and we're trying to figure out a good place to eat.

Someplace where we can take a big group, maybe someplace new since she's been living on the West Coast for a while now. Plus her boyfriend's from Oregon, so maybe someplace that'll impress an out-of-towner. Also, we may have some kids along with us. Oh, and we may have vegetarian or two.

So here's your task: Recommend a good place to eat

Again, my laundry list
  • A former Jersey girl
  • A tourist
  • Small children
  • A vegetarian or two (so "Steaks & Only Steaks" would be out of the question)
  • Someplace within Mercer, Somerset, or Middlesex Counties.

Thanks in advance, you're the best :)

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