Tuesday, June 3

Goat Cheese Cheesecake?!

Synsepalum Dulcificum

Go ahead, say that ten times fast.

It's a berry that makes veggies taste sweet -- and I'm so not making it up, it was in The New York Times.Mmm, now my hot sauce tastes like a yummy doughnut!  Someone, get me some coffee for this tabasco sauce!

At $2 a pop, it'll make veggies taste like candy, goat cheese taste like cheesecake, beer taste like chocolate, and hot sauce taste like a glazed doughnut. Yum.

Now they've even got this thing called "flavor tripping parties", where for $15 you can just stop by and try it out.

Eh, $15, not too bad. But I really didn't have an issue with the way goat cheese or beer tasted, and I'm not really the candy type, so I think I'll take a pass.

But in case you want in on it, here's the link for the self-proclaimed "Miracle Fruit man", he's your hookup.

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