Tuesday, June 3

Lay out on the basement floor... naked

"What's your favorite way to cool down on a hot day?"

A Woman's Day poll revealed...
Frozen veggies are the new ice-cold lemonade

  • 30% said "Sip ice-cold lemonade"
  • 30% "Jump in the pool"
  • 27% "Sit in front of the A/C"
  • 13% "Eat an ice pop"
I'm surprised the following did not show up on the list:

  • "Hide inside a refrigerator"
  • "Lay out on the basement floor, butt naked"
  • "Hang out in a huge, air-conditioned furniture store where they encourage you to try out their mattresses"
  • "Press face up against a toilet bowl basin"
  • "Take bags of frozen veggies out, and lay them on your limbs. When the veggies start to thaw, put them back in the freezer, and move on to the frozen meats, then repeat cycle. No poultry, that would be irresponsible."

I'm sure I can count on you to come up with more creative, modern solutions. I'm fresh out.

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