Thursday, May 29

Staving off hunger and waiting for the Tivo

9:29.... gonna start watching LOST in a few, so I can just fast forward thru all the commercials once I start watching. thank god for tivo.

So, I've made it an entire day without coffee (replaced by green tea, taste leaves something to be desired)... consumed a banana at 10am, but only had broth, a V8 fusion drink, and a TRU-GREEN juice from the juice place on nassau st. (now open, so i can get my liquid dinner consisting of spinach, celery, parsley, and carrots all liquified together. and guess what: it's ORANGE. totally expected GREEN. and it was delish, actually).

thought to self, wow, i am really getting thru this liquid detox thing!

and then right at 9:20... thinking about how i won't get to bed until after 11... i realize. holy S, i'm actually getting hungry.

ok time's up, time to watch. trying to convince myself a quart of water will last me until 11... yaaaaahhhh...

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