Thursday, May 29

One Night Stands & Getting Stranded

If you let LOST influence your life, you need more than just a hobby.A new survey asked people how Sex & The City influenced their lives...
  • 80% said Sex & The City showed them how to go out and have fun without looking for a commitment.

  • 55% said it encouraged them to date more like men

  • 43% said it allowed women to be unfaithful (curiously, of that 43%, it was mostly GUYS who believed this)

  • 50% said it made women more likely to have sex on the first day (again, most of the people that said that were MEN)

Hold up, now. A TV show was THAT influential on their personal lives???

OK, let me think...

How the TV show LOST has influenced my life:

  • I now honestly believe that... if you get stranded on a deserted island and you look hard enough, you'll find a hatch in the jungle where no frills Dharma Kung Pao Chicken, anybody?peanut butter & shampoo are stored in a bunker. Conveniently there won't be a working radio or CB, but you'll have enough salad dressing to last a lifetime.

  • ... that an emergency appendectomy can be performed on a beautiful beach, and you can do it with local anesthesia.

  • ... if you're a bad person with a secret past or criminal record, beware of black smoke. That includes exhaust on a motor vehicle, just to be on the safe side.

  • ... it's always going to be 1996, which really wasn't all that bad of a year. I would've graduated college in '96, if I hadn't cut so many classes. (see the Time Loop Theory if that doesn't make sense... not about how it took me 9 semesters to finish school, but about why it's gonna be 1996 forever.)
  • Hey guys!  It's Nicki & Paolo, remember us???
  • ... when things get boring, you'll suddenly discover you have these two friends, Nicki & Paolo, who have this whole elaborate secret past, have been with you the entire time, and you'll accidentally bury them alive, and now you can forget all about them.

  • ... and above all: You can spend 40+ days on the beach of a deserted tropical island pretty close to the equator and have zero need for suncreen. Ergo, the "supposed" need for sunblock must be a government hoax. UV Rays?! PFF!! Baloney!

Thank you, Lost.

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