Thursday, May 29

My liquid detox fast (I invented this)

So I didn't just concoct this cockamamie plan, I've been thinking about it for a while, how all I eat is crap and just because I use splenda in my coffee and eat all my veggies, that doesn't make me such a healthy eater. Pretty much sealed the deal after downing a bowl of raspberry margarita last night, and after the initial sugar-rush-slash-brain-freeze, it dawned on me that I've gotta fast. NOW.

This morning, no coffee (thus far. And yes, I have a raging headache). Made it a point to pass Nassau St. so I could stop at this new juice place --- and sure enough it was closed. God, why are you trying to stop me from fasting???

Newman said he has a friend that lost 8 lbs fasting on a liquid diet. That'd be nice, but I just feel all gross and icky lately, I think I need to do this to like hit the reset button on my belly, so to speak. I've gotta very screwy digestive system --- my cousin says that IBS tendencies run in the family, along with other great maladies like deviated septums, forgetfulness, and varicose veins. Great. I just find that when I am doing stupid things like starving myself to fit into a dress, that my stomach doesn't bubble & churn in rebellious anger like it usually does.

Here's what I'm doing (or at least, trying to do) for the next four days:

  • cut out alcohol, sugar, caffeine
  • consume fresh fruit/veggie juice. (today, v8 had to suffice)
  • drink lots of water
  • hope to God I don't get constipated

By the way, I wouldn't follow my brilliant fruit juice detox fast without a doctor's consent. Just an FYI.


  1. Hi Toni!

    I usually can't listen to your show because I work during the day, and we're not allowed to have radios. Well I'm off today and I tuned in and heard that you are doing your own detox diet. I literally just did a two day detox diet (that I've done a few times in the past). I use the Beachbody 2-day fast formula and NO I'm not a salesperson for this stuff! I lost seven pounds in two days, my skin feels tighter, and I feel ALOT better. I drank a ton of water with a squeeze of lemon to keep me from being hungry. The supplement has alot of stuff you can't pronounce - BUT they put that in so you'll get some kind of nutrition. I did NOT get constipated. I've tried doing my own juice/broth/liquid detox in the past, but that had HORRIBLE side effects!

    Good luck with your fast!!!

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