Thursday, May 29

Who is Jeremy Bentham?

good question. kinda like, "who killed laura palmer?" "who shot JR?" or "who is kaiser soze?"

if you've never seen the show --- it is an awesome cinematic spectacle. like the most incredible action/adventure/mystery movie that you can only get on TV. i sometimes can't believe that all of it is happening on my tv screen... how did we ever get so lucky to have such freaking incredible tv??

  • desmond: "... boom."
  • what about the fight scene with sayid and the Evil Military Dude?! awesome!
  • ben's "manners" crack me up
  • "time travelling bunnies? yes."
  • omg. miles SO funny.
  • episode's not over yet, will they resolve the mystery about charlotte having been there before?
best comeback. ever.

locke: ben, what did you do? you just killed everyone on that boat!

ben: so?

  • ben's random little asides... blows up stuff in the hatch and goes "i better change" lol wtf
  • the sun/jin boat thing was SO sad, i love how she's turned into an cold angry bitch in the future.
  • dharma rum, love it.
  • WHAT?! moving the island is as easy as turning a dial?! WHAT?
  • after all of that trauma and stress, and sun manages to stay pregnant. amazing.


awww! penelope and desmond! thank god something worked out!

a lotta slo mo goes on in this show.... if they actually ran in real time, would all the episodes be shorter?

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