Monday, July 30

Working Through Lunch? Some Desk-Eating Etiquette & Tips

  • Don't eat smelly foods! Like fish. Eggs. Broccoli. Fish. And fish.
  • Food garbage does not go in your wastebasket next to your desk. Take it to the kitchen and dump it there. (Toni says if it's absolutely necessary to put your food trash in a trash bin near someone's desk, at least pick someone else's desk, preferably far away from your own.)
  • Along the lines of smelliness, obviously store the food in the fridge. Unless you've got a mini-fridge at your desk. "Leaving foods containers in your cube or office will stink up the room all day." You don't want anything sitting out for more than three hours.
  • Move your keyboard, mouse, and other important items far from your foods. The world's an imperfect place, people spill stuff all the time! Don't be afraid to bring a little placemat. Or use a sheet of paper as a placemat.
  • It's easy to not be eating healthy when you're eating at your desk... chances are you're more likely to order out or pick some fast food. If you have to eat at your desk, try and bring food from home.
  • It's also easy to overeat while eating at your desk, because you're likely doing other things and not focusing on your meal. "Try not to multi-task and concentrate on your food."


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