Monday, July 30

In a new relationship? Do's & Dont's you should Definitely Remember!

So ladies, we've all been there. You get involved with someone new, and suddenly all reason goes right down the toilet. After all, you're smitten! Well, we're here to remind you of a few basic tips that might save you from losing some girlfriends, saving your dignity, and not losing your touch with your new man. They might seem obvious, but because they always bear repeating, some things you should remember if you are embarking on a new relationship:

Never drop your girlfriends for your guy
Never have sex with yourex
Never have sex with your best friend's ex (or your ex's best friend)
Never let him keep photos of you in your birthday suit
Never send e-mail to a coworker that includes details of your latest sexual
Never assume you are not on speakerphone.
Never tell your best friend you don't like her fiance
Never use the toilet in front of your partner

... but enough with the negatives... Some things you can do to keep the excitement going with a new man (or even someone a guy you've been with for years!)

Getting dressed for a night out? Boost the sexy-factor and try this: a classic black suit, with something lacy underneath peeking out. Like a camisole or just a lace bra! Rock a pair of stilettos (red? leopard? patent leather? all of the above?), and good luck keeping him away.

  • You're in a crowded room. Forget trying to talk over the noise. Lower your voice. He'll be forced to lean in real close....
  • Every once in a while, be a "guy" about it, and treat him "like a piece of meat". LOL. It's a appealing to a guy when his gal is openly checking him out in an inappropriate, very un-ladylike way.
  • Show a little more skin... but not in the usual way! Wear something that might put him in contact with your bare skin... maybe a top that dips low in the back? A skirt with a slit? Sometimes it can be more exciting when a guy's skin touches a little bit of your bare skin, rather than seeing it.
  • Beat him at his own game... or be interested in a sport. Guys can't help but feel appreciation for a gal they can chat some sports with, or when they feel a little competition at a game normally reserved for "guys", like poker or darts. Especially effective if you're looking cute while chatting up about last night's game, or kicking his butt at the pool table.

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