Monday, July 30

Battling PMS Ickiness

Of all the stuff they sell to battle PMS, there's no magic pill to cure a Case of the Uglies? Since it's all a matter of you feeling good and ergo, looking good, here are a few easy tips that should help turn that frown upside down:

  • Dig out that one outfit that always makes you feel good, no matter how you're feeling. Black and flirty (but not too clingy) always works, right? (Same goes for shoes, but stay away from the really uncomfy shoes)
  • Have a "Bad Hair Day" hairstyle ready to go. Slicked back ponytail? Loose, casual bun?
  • Beware the culinary downers! Pick healthy foods that won't make you feel weighed down and bloated, like fruits, salad.
  • Treat yourself, like make plans for a drink with a friend, buy yourself some flowers. Maybe you can pick up that latte with the works that you normally skip over. And as long as you're not breaking the bank, maybe some therapy... shopping therapy!

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