Tuesday, May 15

Curing Raccoon Eyes

There's intentionally smoky eyes, and then there are racoon eyes. And it can retro-actively ruin a really awesome night on the town... I mean, you're wearing your smoky eyes out and about, flitting and flirting and batting your smoky eyes... and then you get home, arriving on a cloud of cool... grinning about how you serve the public by sharing your sex appeal... AND THEN....

... you look in the mirror, and realize, sometime between a Martini and a little rump-shaking, the smoky eyes morphed into raccoon eyes, and that you will be sadly applying eye-makeup remover to your cheekbones. That is sad, indeed.

Solution? Simple. Two words: "Waterproof" and "Powder".

"WATERPROOF" means waterproof liquid liner, waterproof eyeliner pencil, waterproof mascara, etc. You get the picture.

"POWDER" means powder. Lots of it. Don't be shy. Take your translucent powder (you should have one!), and use a clean eye makeup sponge or clean eyeshadow brush, and dab on that powder on the undereye. Do it before you apply makeup, after you put on your foundation, before you put on your eye makeup, after you apply your eye makeup, after your fully dressed, before you walk out the door, before your third Tom Collins... you get the picture. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Powder under the eye before makeup-ing helps if you do a sloppy job while putting on your eye makeup (seriously, can you at least wait until after before you start on the cocktails?! lol)... any mistake can just be brushed away. Powder under the eye after makeup-ing creates a surface that makes it hard for leaky eye makeup to adhere.

Is this 100% guaranteed, you ask? Good question. No. I don't have a sure-fire way to battle gravity. Makeup drips, it does. However, just remember: waterproof & powder. And that's half the battle.

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