Thursday, May 10

I'm a Purseket Case

This post has been a long-time coming. I guess because I knew I had so many passionate meaningful things to say on this matter that anything I could've just whipped up wouldn't have done it justice. But now, it's time. Because, friends, with the summer season upon us (what summer has to do it with, I have no idea), it's time.

And the subject du season is: Handbag Organization.

Here for your amusment and consideration, part 1 in a who-knows-how-long special series, I shall contemplate on the merits of The Purseket.

Go ahead. Let yourself ask it: What in heck is a Purseket?

Plain & simple, it is a purse organizer. And not just any purse organizer. It is The Purse Organizer. Observe:

Purpose? Two-fold: 1) To keep your junk organized in a way that you can actually find things when you need them now (as opposed to later, when you're actually looking for something else!). And .... now brace yourselves, you ladies with many handbags (ergo, ALL of you!)... 2) To facilitate your now-organized junk to be easily transferred from one bag into another, easily & with minimal aggrivation.

As the lovely folks of Purseket like to muse:

"Dig in your Garden - Not in your Purse" <-- so clever

:::I patiently await in stunning silence while allowing you to absorb this amazing revelation :::

It's awesome. It is. I own one. It's awesome. Life is awesome. The inside of my purse looks fricking awesome. Your jealousy when looking inside my awesomely organized purse is... yes, awesome.

Let's look again at The Purseket in action!!

So easy to use - the thing just stands right up inside your bag, you fill the pockets with stuff, then drop your wallet and a book or bottled water, or a clean pair of undies right in the middle. Change your mind about your outfit, or maybe decide you want to showcase another great handbag? Stop, drop, & roll, baby! STOP: grab the Purseket out of Purse #1, DROP: the Purseket into Purse #2, and ROLL: as in Rock 'n Roll! <--- corny I know, but I thought it'd be cute. It's flexible, durable, and also has this neat little keypost that you can drop your keys on (and be able to FIND them, every time!) Looking down into the recesses of your bag, and being able to see and access everything is like a very triumphant moment. It's a satisfying moment of sunshine and puppydogs and carousels. (a little different, but sorta like that.)

Coolest part -- it comes in several sizes, so those of you who aren't nearly as paranoid as I am that I might need 11 pens, 2 notebooks, Advil, Band-aids, 3 shades of lipstick, 2 pairs of headsets at a moment's notice, perhaps the smaller Purseket will work perfectly for you. Cooler than that? ...

It comes in several fun patterns!!

(there's more, I just got lazy)

Pocket this Handy Tip: Always choose a bag with high-contrast prints or bright solid colors for the interior lining, because it makes it easier to find things inside the bag. This very helpful piece of info comes from the Toni Ryan Archives of Nifty Tips, passed down to me by my friend Suzanne M. who is known for such clever fashion & makeup observations. It's really a good thing to remember when you're buying a bag (or having one made!*). Most bags are made with black lining, which is nice and elegant, but c'mon! How is a gal supposed to find her black ballpoint pen in a bag like that, when she's trying to jot a "Dear John" note as she's running out the door at the crack of dawn???? (I'm totally kidding, but we've gotta be prepared for such situations.) Seriously, the bright colors inside a bag are not only practical, but sometimes a fun little surprise when you yank open your bag!

OK, OK, settle down, you want one, I know. Well, here's the tricky part. I think you have to order online, through their website... BUT you might find a fun little boutique that carries a couple Pursekets. A while back, the stationery shoppe Joy Cards on Chamber Street in downtown Princeton actually had a couple Pursekets available for sale (I'm not sure if they still have them, shame on me for not checking first).

"But Toni," you lament. "I already got myself a purse organizer, one I saw on television!"
Aaah... you must be speaking of the product whose name may or may not rhyme with Schmurse Brite Organizer and may or may not look like this:

Now don't even think for a second I would've embarked on this delicate subject without fully understanding all the offerings out there. I own one of these too. And it didn't take long to realize... it sucks. It does. The additional smaller pockets for individual pen and a small cellphone might seem like clever subdividing. Well it's not. It makes the whole contraption heavy on one side and because the height is so low, it doesn't seem to keep your junk upright, so it constantly sags inside your purse.

Oh, well the little light was a clever idea. And it's awful bright. Or "brite", rather. It'd be pretty useful as a tool to thwart a would-be attacker, you could blind them with the light. I'll view that as a positive safety feature. But other than that....

I yanked mine out and put it in my Purseket.

(*and I know I intimated earlier at making your own bag. Oh, just you wait. This one's a goodie.)
The Purseket and handbag-sanity are both available at, $15-$25

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  1. Purse organizers have come a long way since this post. Have you seen the Purse to Go? Not only does it organize your purse, it also lets you change from one bag to another in seconds! It's awesome! I got mine at