Saturday, March 10

Hope you loved your $25 coffee, a-hole!

I have one of them Starbucks gift cards, got one for Christmas, and I've been adding money onto it, so I can always have a lovely Bux Latte whenever I want.

Except, I haven't been able to have that latte whenever I wanted because I haven't been able to find the danged card. Every couple of days I'd remember that I was looking for it, search through a couple new places, some of my handbags, in jacket pockets, inside seams of jacket pockets that have holes, in my car, in other people's cars... you get the picture.

Finally remember yesterday over a cup of wan Kona blend from Wawa that I had (lightbulb!) registered the card online when I first got it. So I log in, figuring I will check the balance and the last time I used the card, maybe it would jog my memory.


On February 17th, enjoyed the usual $3.80 latte. Then on February 17th again, a $24.94 transaction was made, bringing the card balance to zero.

WTF. Big time. I called Starbucks customer service (nice people, despite there being no happy ending to this story), and apparently the card was squeezed dry of funds at the same location I had used it last, only two short hours later. Very possible I dropped it in the parking lot.

So, there it is. Financially violated yet again. So if you are out there, a-hole, I hope you enjoyed your $25 worth of free coffee. And by "hope you enjoyed" what I mean is, I hope it was the worst damn coffee you have ever had in your entire life. Because someday that cloud of dark karma's gonna come back around and kick you in your caffeinated behind.

(Yes, I feel much better. Thanks for indulging me.)

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