Thursday, September 14

Oat So Smooth...

So you know what I'm about, I normally don't give props to products that require you forfeiting this month's student loan payment. But every now and again, a pricey-ish product comes along that's just plain worth it, and well... all bets are off.
Here, I proudly present one of those exceptions: Archipelago Botanicals Milk Hydrating Lotion Pump No. 12. Sure, oats make for a good filling breakfast, but here, they make up one bad-ass lotion. I found it in a little boutique in Princeton, where it was marked at $27 a bottle (or can, actually -- it's a fairly tall can, at that).
And this lotion... whoa. Goes on smooth, creamy, definitely not sticky, and leaves behind a pleasant scent, reminiscent of a baby's bottom (a clean baby, you nuts.) And it moisturizes the heck out of you. One coating that went on after the morning shower deftly defeated the threat of afternoon dry skin, and still had a faint trace of that baby-fresh scent by evening.
Also available through Amazon at $25 a can. Which, if you play your cards right, you can work that into another order and make use of some Free Shipping, and it just might be worthwhile.

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