Friday, September 22

The "Good" Soaps

You know what those are. They're the pristine, unusued, pretty bars of soap that you put out next to the "Good" towels when guests are about to arrive. And maybe you're not that old-fashioned, but maybe you grew up in a household where the displaying of the "Good" stuff was part and parcel with people coming over. You so know what I'm talking about.
Today's Product Du Jour: Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap. A mouthful, I know, but well worth every last syllable. Not only makes an excellent alternative to the decorative soaps you only put out for everyone else, but economically worthy to use on an everyday basis.
First of all, the obvious foaming soap seems to clean faster, and because it's already foamy, it comes out of the pump doing its job. According to something I swiped from the bright folks at Yale...
[Foam soap] is faster-acting and it rinses easier, thereby saving water over time... [and] more effective than other types of soap... because it goes on more smoothly.... a Yale chemistry professor, said foam soap helps minimize
waste by cutting down on the amount of soap used.

And, there's more! See here's the thing: not only does it do all of that practical stuff, but damn if it doesn't always smell so good -- and the fragrance lasts! I mean, like, you wash your hands and then keep catching pleasant whiffs of your own hands. I'm not kidding when I tell you I've seen my pals emerging from the bathroom, hands up to their nose in a pose reminiscent of Mary Katherine Gallagher sniffing out armpit odor. To which I can only nod knowingly and say, "I know. Smells freaking fantastic, doesn't it?!"
My personal faves, light & pretty Sweet Pea, and the zesty & summery Coconut Lime Verbena. Best part? If you've long ago hit your BBW Saturation Point (and that is the day where you go from absolutely loving one specific flavor of Bath & Body Works, and then the next day wake up totally sick of the smell), then this is a good time to get reacquainted with an old friend. Something about your old standbys like Sun-Riped Raspberries and Country Apple being delivered in a foamy soap form kinda de-intensifies its fragrance, thereby making it tolerable once again! Yay!
And as you know, the best part about Bath & Body Works... everything goes on sale at some point. Right now, these soaps are going for 3 for $10. Plus, the holidays are on the way which means the deals could get sweeter.
So you buy 3 or 5 or 8 bottles of this stuff in the whole rainbow of scents. Put 1 out right now, set aside 1 for the guests, and hide away the rest for later. Then when you get done sniffing your pretty smelling hands, you can shoot me an email to say thanks for tip. But I doubt you'll get around to it. Yes, it smells that good. So you're welcome in advance. :)

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