Wednesday, September 13

Never get in the way of a Woman & her Shoes

Just a follow-up if anyone caught my shoe dilemma on the air today... but first, here's some back story, and a tale of how Jessica Simpson does good, and how I am a stickler for good customer service, and more proof that I am crazy, especially when I am being messed with in the arena of shoes.
Bought a pair of awesome pumps at a department store that shall remain unnamed, but they were a wee bit snug, so I decided to check out the same store in another mall. Well, as you know, while I am dutifully hooking up your Workday with More Variety during the best times to make a weekday mall-run, I figured, hey, why I don't I call first, and check if they have another size? That'll spare me the trip of having to drive to Quakerbridge to go to Looor... oops. Almost told you which store!
Well, I called, and as expected, got put on hold. Which is fine, I was calling after 1PM, I know they were probably busy.
Except, people, as I sat here in the studio, spinning more of Today's Hit Music... songs kept going by. After five songs (about 15 minutes!), I was like, ugh, what am I doing?! So I hung up and called back. "Uh, I think you forgot you me, I was on hold. For a while." I was asked if I could hold again, they were busy. Before they had a chance to put me on hold again, I said, "It's fine, but you can't make a person wait 15 minutes without at least coming back to ask me to keep holding!"
Well, apparently it really wasn't fine with me. Because then I changed my mind and hung up, and then called back. This time to the executive office. "Hi, look I hate to be that person, but here's what just happened when I called your shoe department...."
The nice person on other end apologized and offered to check the shoe department herself. Wow. And yes, I did feel like a major meanie. But hey, I don't have to shop at that store, right? As it turns out, they didn't have my size. So, in the long run, it was worth it. Didn't have to actually drive over there, which probably would've ticked me off more.
And what was all the hubbub over?
Hahaha, well check this out: Jessica Simpson makes shoes. And actually, they are awesome. The shoe that caused today's stir are called Abba (like the band, yes). It's a cute open-toe platform, and frankly -- not only does it look good, but ... it's comfortable! It's lightly padded, and the platform is enough so that short girls with small feet can be wearing a 4" heel. Yay us!
So here's to Jessica Simpson, here's to 4" heels, and here's to good customer service!
The End.

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