Tuesday, September 12

Everyone loves stickers. OK, maybe not.

Clever Avon. Here's an award for your innovations in the future of no-fuss nailwear..... OK, yeah, well now we're taking it back.
Avon's Instant Manicure. Neither instant. Nor manicure. Discuss amongst yourselves... Well, fine, since I've actually used it, I'll do the talking. In fact, I wanna get my two cents (or 8 bucks worth) in before PST's Allison gets a chance, since I know all her thoughts go in one direction on this subject (and it's not positive!!)
The dilly is thus: stickers in various shapes to fit all potential size of nail in several beautiful Avon shades. They really are pretty, I should mention that. (I picked a deep red, more on that later.)
So, just like with fake do-it-yourself nail tips, you size 'em out, figure out what will fit. Then peel this, peel that, and place the round edge close to the cuticle, press, press, press... and voila. Instant nail polish, smooth and dry.
Except, NOT.
Just like any sticker might be when you peel off its protective covering... hello! Static Cling! The sticker's here, there, everywhere, just not on your nail! Hard to control, let alone align correctly on your nail. So once you get it on, you press it around the nail, and really, your fingers and nails should be clean and devoid of emollients or lotion. Mine were, and it still wouldn't take. Puckering around the edges. Then whatever's left ("sticker spillover" we now dub it), you just press in with your thumbnail and break it off. Truth? On the difficulty scale, I'm rating it Major Pain in the Hoo-haa.
OK, let's jump ahead. The sticker's affixed (sorta). Doesn't look so hot. I mentioned puckering around the edges, and this is assuming you got all the air bubbles out from under the nail. As for the top edge that you break off... yeah not so much. And don't think this lack of success is due to some flaw on my part. I am the decoupage queen, and can smooth out a sofa slipcover like no other. So the fact that I can't work out a freaking sticker on my fingernail is saying something here!!
I really really really wanted this product to work. But the fifteen minutes I spent putting the stickers on (not even counting the additional time I spent through the day futzing with it afterwards!) was just not "instant" enough in my book. Too much hassle, for not a great payback.
What I can tell you though, is that Avon does makes some pretty colors in nail enamel. The part of the sticker that did stay on (and by the way, stay on it did) was a beautiful red, glossy & vibrant. It made me even more sad that it didn't work out. I liked Allison's pink too. Total shame. And the part of the sticker that did linger was a pretty damn stubborn color.
So let's just call it a work in progress. Sorry Avon. Keep pumping out that Skin-So-Soft, and I'll still have your back.

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