Monday, September 11

Lashing Out. Part 1.

OK, I know, I owe you guys big-time. Got caught up in non-blog related activities (read: real life), but believe me, you were in my thoughts. At least four times a day (which is every time I went to futz with my makeup).
This is Part 1 in an ongoing, probably never-ending series: Stuff That Makes Your Lashes Look Good.
Today, big ups go to Maybelline, the maker of reliable lash products, for XXL.
Normally, Toni Ryan would say, "Pooh pooh on the two-part mascara product." Today, I say no such thing. I won't bore you with the pretty words Maybelline's marketing people have devised to instruct you on what the two parts are doing for your lashes, so just simply know this: white stuff=primer, dark stuff=mascara. The white stuff must be doing the trick, because I have lately been confused into believing that I have lashes (for the record, I don't really have much in that department). And in expected Maybelline fashion, the dark stuff are doing their job too, being a non-drying, non-flaking quality mascara.
I used waterproof -- made possible for $5.89 to Ulta -- and not a raccoon eye was to be had, even while I was watching Extreme Home Makeover (and that is a true test for a good mascara!!). Also it's opthamowhatchamacallit safe, so this contact lens wearer gives her stamp of approval.
I am longer-lashed Toni Ryan, and I approve this message.

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