Thursday, September 22

Me Plus Google

Circling is what vultures do.

And that's exactly what Google Plus is passively doing around the smelly carcass that is brewing outta Facebook.

So, after the ultra confusing nonsense yesterday in the beginning of what I hear will be a painful season of more fbook changes.... I remembered... I have my Google Plus account.

Real Friends CIRCLE each other.
Yes, the very one I launched when I got caught in the 2-day hysteria back over the summer. The same one I promptly forgot all about. Today I logged in and proceeded to Plus 1 everything in sight. Like a shameless hussy with a mouse and an itchy trigger finger, I Plus 1'd anything and everyone. Anywhere I saw a small box with a plus sign followed by the numeral 1.

Without a plan, I then flipped through names anywhere I could spot them on the screen and proceeded to add them to circles, even if their name sounded vaguely familiar. Rachel Green? I think I know her... click. Bruce Wayne? Yep, I'm pretty sure I've met him... click. Ben Dover... hmmm... CLICK!

I figure, all of this haphazard clicking will land me in circles and feeds, and in turn, add to my guerrilla tactics for rebuilding my newest social network empire.

GOSHDARNIT... if I'm not circled or Plus 1'd by all and sunder by the end of this fiscal quarter, I will hang my head in shame.

So, to answer the question formulating in your mind right now:
No. No, I don't know what I'm doing.

Feel free to Plus 1 that when you've gotta chance.

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