Thursday, September 29

Knife versus Spoon versus Twirling?

Ok... here we go again....

Is there a right way to eat spaghetti?

I don't really care what the "experts" say... I'm just curious what YOUR "right" way is.

Do you cut up your spaghetti first?

Do you do the fork twirling?

And if so... do you twirl straight down into the plate, or do you twirl your spaghetti with your fork in one hand, pointing into the bottom of a spoon held with your other hand?

For me, personally?

Well, in mixed company, I'll only fork up small amounts at a time that I can handle without twirling. So I think I do this dipping-and-pulling motion until the spaghetti is tangled around my fork.

On my own, I'm pretty sure I'm just slopping it into my mouth, with my head over the plate, lol.

How about you?

1 comment:

  1. Twirling all the way. Preferably on a spoon, but if no spoon is available, I can twirl against my plate.

    I gasped in horror when I watched a friend break spaghetti in half before putting it in the pot. Shorter noodles are harder, if not impossible to twirl, and make a huge mess!