Tuesday, May 24

Who Are YOU? (Bachelorette-style)

This is part of my personal opening montage...I don't normally watch any of the Bachelor shows, but I did catch the first few minutes of the latest Bachelorette, and it was pretty hysterical.

Apparently, the current Pretty Person Lookin' For Love this time is a gal from Philly. And as she is talking about herself and what she's done since the show ended, there's a montage of scenes of her looking off into the distance with great Philly landmarks in the background...

... her running the Art Museum steps

... her at Boathouse Row

... her by the LOVE statue

... her doing free form ballet on stage at the Kimmel Center

OK. I got it.

We're establishing that
1) she's from Philadelphia
2) she likes to run
3) she's from Philadelphia
4) she's a dancer
5) she's from Philadelphia
6) and that she likes to chill out by dancing on an empty stage when the Philadelphia Orchestra isn't busy using it.

Hello, RANDOM!

But I was thinking, as corny as it was, it was a rather clever visual way of letting people know who this gal is, and where she's from.

SO, what would YOUR opening montage look like? Scenes from your town? You at your job? Doing your hobbies inside famous local landmarks?

This would be mine:

Fade in from black....

...Wide shot of me playing with my Samsung Tablet on Princeton U campus (the spot where Russell Crow was playing chess in A Beautiful Mind). Dissolve to....

... Me in a diner eating Disco Fries. Cut to...

... Me in my car on 287, flipping off another car ...

... Me chatting it up with the mall walkers at Quakerbridge ....

... Me buying Taylor Ham inside a Jersey City bodega ...

... Me talking to a random person in line at Kohl's ...

... Close up of me on a couch, watching my soap... camera pans out to reveal...

... me, the couch, the TV ... we are all outside, along Route 1, in front of the Menlo Park Mall.

OK. Your turn!


  1. weird none of those shots involved you djing... lol

  2. haha lol. maybe i should have me talking into a microphone to no one, standing in the middle of the boardwalk. hahaha. (it has to be borderline weird, artsy-fartsy!)

  3. Here's a kick in the pants --- the new bachelorette is ACTUALLY from the state of Maine. She just goes to dental school in Philly - she was supposed to have graduated this month, but took a leave of absence. I assume, to pursue her "reality star dreams". She's not a Philly girl at all.

  4. SERIOUSLY? omg, then that makes the silly "I'm from Philly" montage even more ridiculous!

    I was like, the only scene missing is her standing on Passyunk trying to decide between Pat's or Geno's...

    Well, I guess it was better... I mean, how LAME would a Maine montage would've been??

  5. Yeah, I wonder when the final episodes happen and she brings home her men to meet the family if the fam will be staged in Philly (like at her apt) or maybe an "exotic New England" location such as Maine, where, I think they still reside. Hmmmmm? Check out her bio - I think it does state that she is a 'Mainiac"