Tuesday, May 17

Pop Culture Trends

Edward Sullen & Blahblah SwanWatched Twilight #2 on demand yesterday. I will never get those two hours back, will I?

Don't ask me what the correct title is, but it was definitely the middle one. And you Twi-hards, please refrain from the hate mail and cut me some slack: I've seen the first one, and I liked it. I did. I didn't love it, but I did like it. So much so, that I'd actually stop what I was doing and watch some of it if it was on TV. In fact, I have done that.

When #3 came out, my friend asked me to come with her to the premiere... and since I had tickets from work, I went along. (Yes, I really did. Here's the proof.)

I didn't hate it, but again, didn't love it. At the cost of what a movie ticket is these days, I try to savor every moment of the experience, whether or not I paid for it, and whether or not the movie was any good. Ten bucks is ten bucks, people!

So, when I had some downtime yesterday afternoon, I figured I'd watch The Middle One, and maybe some stuff from #3 would make more sense. I hate you, %#&&% BIRDS!  You guys make me so... ANGRY!

And it probably would've, if I'd have paid attention.

I didn't. It was basically moving wallpaper in the background, while I played Angry Birds on the couch.


Ever try to jump into a pop culture phenomenon late in the game? Harry Potter? Gossip Girls? Jersey Shore? Glee?

I started watching Lost after two seasons had gone by, and engorged on back episodes in the space of a week. I was hooked. And then it sucked. And then, I was thrilled it ended.

I also got into 24 three seasons too late. Actively watched a couple seasons in real time, and gave up. Too much mindless running around deactivating things on a full bladder, and never once taking a bathroom break. It drove me crazy.

So.... what pop-culture trends are you hardcore about, or have tried and hated?

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