Thursday, March 10

Here Comes The Rain Again...

So we braved the SNOW. And the ICE.

And now, we got our wish... WARMER WEATHER.

Which means... we still got the SNOW and ICE. Now it's just RAIN. LOTS AND LOTS OF IT.

Today found this super-duper cool "flood map" -- something that might've been useful if I'd found it years and years ago.

Could've been quite helpful the eleven or, oh, eight hundred times when advance flooding knowledge would've saved me HOURS of commuting nightmares.

(For proof of my rainy-day adventures, see the link down there for an ol' post called "DRIVING TO WORK THROUGH A FLOOD". True story. Swear it.)

YIPPEE!  NO FLOODING...   ....  ...  FOR NOW!

So, about this cool map -- if you are blessed to be living in a flood-friendly area, you can click see what the somewhat-current water levels are. Pretty sneaky, sis!

And about my tales of Life at Sea in my Economy Sedan... here it is:

Stupidity practiced by me.  And unfortunately, I have repeated this act of stupidity.  Someone please take my rights as a human being.

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