Monday, February 7

Happy Day After Super Bowl Sunday!

I am hardcore about two things:
America & patriotism.

It is with this that I firmly believe that "The Day After Super Bowl" should be a national holiday.


We as a nation collectively came to a screeching halt for several hours to pay homage to our flat screens with passion, attention, and a full spread of yummy junk food. And in commemoration, we honor competition at its highest level, we have a military fly-by, the nation's leaders past & present showed up, and the national anthem was attempted.

And if you need further proof, other stations played re-runs. They know what's what.

"The Day After Super Bowl" is up there, like, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Maybe it's even bigger.

So with that, whatever committee gets to decide what days are holidays needs to have a summit to make it official: DAY AFTER SUPERBOWL SHOULD BE A HOLIDAY!!!

And I'd like to add to that list for consideration:

+ BLACK FRIDAY. Enough with the is it or isn't it a day off. Thanksgiving is a 4-day celebration. For heavens sakes, we make enough food to eat for four days straight. 'Nuff said.

+ LABOR DAY FRIDAY. C'mon. Summer's over. School starts. Cut us a break and give us a true "long weekend".

+ JULY 5. If the 5th of July falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we still get Monday.

+ DECEMBER 26. See above. If that doesn't work for you, then let's just call it "BOXING DAY"

Any other holidays we should throw in there?

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