Thursday, January 13

Seriously. Help me. Please. ACHOOOOO!

I know that the state of my health -- both bodily & mental -- becomes the center of many of my blogs, but today I plead with you, gentle reader, bare with me yet again, because I am in dire need of YOUR help....

If you've got a great home remedy or tip to help me with MY CONGESTION, please share ASAP.

A little background:
I had a mini-bout with the flu on Sunday night (fever, chills, sweats, general sensation of fatigue & crap), was wiped out and headachey and sore on Monday, and have slowly been getting more and more congested as the week's gone by.

Took a Mucinex (just the expectorant, no decongestant), then an Alka Seltzer Cold & Cough, but I was having fainty dizzy spells & headaches akin to sinuses being congested to the max....

Right now:
Just Afrin'd my nostrils, and waiting for superspicy Chinese food to arrive for lunch. My head is still pounding, took a few extra-strength Tylenol, and about to down a cup of OJ



Raw garlic in hot water?
Green tea and lemon?
Neti pot filled with salt water?
Windex on my forehad?

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  1. Honestly, someone I used to work with suggested Claritin-D for me a few years ago, and it's the only thing that I think REALLY works.