Wednesday, November 3

Sealed With a Kiss

Aah, the lost of art of letter writing.

Who writes letters anymore, I mean really? Aside from the occasional Sternly Worded Letter that Toni Ryan likes to occasionally zip off when I am dissatisfied with customer service or believe that I've been wronged in some way, I don't think I've written an actual letter-letter and dropped it in the mail since college (email hadn't been invented yet). And how about a hand-written letter? Whooo, I can barely remember how to write with a pen sometimes!

Don't make me write you a letter!!So check out this story - this lady who'd lost her job, battled cancer, ran out of unemployment benefits, and then went back to college to study nursing - well she decided to write a letter to the President to give him her a piece of her mind on her financial hardships. (Three pages worth)

And, well, folks, you might not remember this, but when you write a letter, sometimes someone actually reads it and decides to write back.

Which is what happen to this chick. The President wrote back, yes, literally wrote back. A handwritten letter saying thanks for the letter, things will get better, yada yada.

Which is nice and all. And certainly good manners.

But instead of saying, "Hey, thanks for nothing, Barry, and your handwriting is sorta sloppy," she graciously took his advice quite literally and made things get better by selling the letter.

Seven Grand for a handwritten letter from the Prez on pretty White House stationery.


Yeah, you might wanna brush off those boxes of corny stationery you got five birthdays ago.

So here's my question to all of you... tell me about the times you shot off a letter to a person or person(s) and made results happen. Like, fixed a situation, gotten a refund, gotten an apology, or changed the rules.

I'm trying to think of a time when one of my famed Sternly Worded Letters caused a good result, other than tears and hurt feelings. (And by the way, I can really write a scorcher, avert your eyes coz my mean words and neat handwriting have been known to cause spontaneous crying)

.... yeah, no. I've got nothing. So how 'bout you?

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