Monday, November 1

Halloween Fads

Eh, funny... like five years ago.Anybody see any brilliant Halloween costumes... that won't be so brilliant this time next year?

Meat-glad Lady Gagas? Lindsay Lohans in prison stripes? (Wait, I take that back, since that might still be viable next year.)

As you might've heard, I was Snooki, a costume that last year seemed like it would be a one-time novelty, but we've actually stretched it into a second Halloween. Thank God for MTV. Otherwise, I woulda just looked like another slutty Jersey girl who said, "I'm not $#%!-ing wearing a fricking costume!"

This was prob really funny... once upon a time.This reminded me of that episode of How I Met Your Mother when Ted decided to be a Hanging Chad years after the infamous election debacle. This year, some of my fave one-timers were the men in blue work shirts & yellow hard hats with Chileans flags glued to all their clothing. Hahah, oh those Chilean miners. Then there were jerky guys in Brett Favre jerseys, which was sort of a weak disguise if you ask me.

And this one was good: a friend wore this conservative black suit, decked out with the pearls and sensible heels, and a pointy black witch's hat on her head. Pinned to her suit was a little button that read, "I'm not a witch, I'm one of you."


See any costumes this year that were pretty memorable this past weekend, but would be less effective next year?

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