Wednesday, November 17

Pimping Out Your Website

Anybody see this slightly creepy lookin' dude cluttering up Wikipedia's page recently?

No, it's not an erecticle disfunction (which is what I thought it was.)

It's an online version of a traditional Beg-a-Thon, where instead of getting a free tote bag or a CD of German choir music as a gift, Wikipedia is looking for financial support from all of the rest of us so they don't have to start using ads on their site. I like you just the way you are, Wikipedia.

I considered giving a "gift".

I mean Wikipedia is occasionally useful and easy to get basic info from that may or may not be true. But is it "funding worthy"?

And what websites out there are indeed "funding worthy"?

Like if you're gonna pimp out your website, you better be a pretty big deal.

For example, I'd pay money to keep Google the way it is.

(Or more accurately, I'd pay money to keep Google the way it used to be... anyone notice how it's starting to get a wee bit annoying with all the new bells and read-my-mind auto-completes?)

And I'd pay money to keep ... hmm, what else would I pay money to keep exactly the way it is?

Man, this is hard! There aren't a lot of websites that are perfect the way the are. Hmmm.


ABC. <-- super easy to watch shows online (get a hint, CW!)

Craig's List.


Sorry, IMDB... you ALMOST made the list... but you started tampering with your layout and now your website sucks.



  1. Hah! I'm glad I'm not the only one not feeling the love for the new IMDB.

  2. LOL! My fiance goes on there ALL the time (he majored in film in college, so you know what a movie fan he is, lol), and he also hates the new IMDB. I don't go on it enough to have it bother me, but I did notice the change and didn't like it, either.

    I actually think the Craigslist site is terrible. But I agree with Amazon, I really like that site :) And NBC is probably the best site to watch shows on. It would be great if other sites would be as good. Some don't even update their episodes for weeks.