Monday, November 15

Infomercial Wish-List

Where is the fricking LIKE button for this bad boy??I love getting seduced into buying something because I saw the infomercial. This is likely why I am also a shopping channel addict.

Just saw this and am putting it at the top of my current INFOMERCIAL WISH-LIST, probably because I have been on a binge of fixing things with black electrical tape (with much failure, I hate to admit). Granted, it wasn't on a half-hour infomercial, per se, but if the commercial ends with a toll free number on a blue screen with instructions to CALL NOW, then that counts.

Back in the day, this blue "Here's How To Order" screen would've also offered options to send a cash or money order, and to give it 8 to 10 weeks for shipping. And Shipping & Handling were once two separate fees, one of them would be like a dollar, and the other would be only fifty cents (using the old-school "cents" sign) -- all these you'd have to read in less than 2 seconds.

I also love that once upon a time, you could COD. Yes. Cash on Delivery. I can't believe that we really used to do business this way. Order the goods, and then wait in your yard in a month and a half for the mailman to come by collecting the money.

Hahahah. So anyhow, I want this. But if order TWO sets of these today, I will also get a free newsletter on how to fix other types of leaks and spills and broken hearts, etc.

Oh, I want it SO bad! What to do?!

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  1. Step away from the TV! Step very far away!!! Not only is the "As Seen on TV" stuff total crap, but they S&H fee is usually outrageous!! The price of the item may be super cheap, but they always get you with the S&H...not to mention the separate S&H on the "but wait...there's more" stuff. Besides, if you wait long enough, chances are this glorified electrical/teflon tape will be in stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and that "As Seen on TV" store (yes, there's a whole store devoted to selling crap).