Thursday, November 11

Fountain Soda In My Kitchen

Mine mine mineThat would be a dream come true. My own Soda Fountain.

I don't know what it is about fountain soda but it's probably one of my favorite beverages. Specifically it has to be Coca Cola or Diet Coke straight out of the fountain that I love love love. I don't know why I don't like other drinks from a fountain, but FRESH SODA makes me happy.

If there was any one major appliance or commercial machinery or gimmicky gadget you could have in your home, what would it be?

And I mean an elaborate ridiculous one thing Add Imagethat you'd have in your home that would be like your personal trademark.

i.e. "Party at Toni Ryan's? Oh yeah, she's got the small kitchen with the banging fountain soda machine!"


  1. We had a soda fountain that was installed in the house that we had moved into. Well, I was very excited to drink it. Unfortunately, the past owner hadn't used the soda machine in a while and although the soda was fizzy, the syrups must have gone bad or something, because it was the most terrible tasting drink I had ever had in my life. The kitchen got redone and there is no longer a soda machine in the kitchen. So I had one, but the experiece wa ruined.

  2. Nikki. Why oh WHY would you tell such a terrible story? Are you trying to ruin my day?

    Ugh. That's so sad.

  3. I was going to say an ice cream machine, but I don't know if that qualifies as ridiculous, lol. But like a really cool one, not one where you have to do a million steps to make the ice cream.

  4. oh that definitely counts!!! like a massive soft serve machine? omg, if i had my own blend-in maker (a la thomas sweet in princeton) i would eat cookies 'n cream blended in with peanut butter cup every single day.

  5. LOL!! That sounds gross! But yes! I would LOVE an ice cream machine. I think it would be so fun! Much better than scooping some ice cream out of a carton and into a mug or bowl.

  6. Here you go Toni... I did exactly this!