Thursday, October 7

Reverse Family Feud

Richard Dawson would so not be pleased.Check it out, I just invented a new game.

It's called REVERSE FAMILY FEUD. It's like Family Feud, but not at all.

I've been playing Family Feud on Facebook, and if you're familiar with the game at all, you know about the exciting Fast Money finale, where two folks attempt to win a total of 200 combined points for the big jackpot. On Facebook, you get requested to be The Number Two, and your job is to bring the big finish.

Well, I just played the worst round ever. How bad?

The. Worst. Round. Ever.


I am bravely sharing my answers to said Worst Round Ever, where you can see, my only task was to simply come up with 71 measly points.

That's right. Among five questions, I only had to come up with five answers that at least 71 people agreed with. And I failed. Miserably.

SO. Since I am Glass-Kinda-Sorta-Full-ish type of girl, I am turning this frown upside-down with a NEW GAME...

Look again at these HORRENDOUS answers I provided.

YOUR JOB is to figure out what those questions were!!!!

I am offering a huge jackpot of Bragging Rights to the person who can provide the most correct questions, and also offering one-of-a-kind Honorary Mentions to those who provide the most creative (non-offensive) answers. Er, questions. You know what I mean.




  1. 1. name an item on a bed
    2. name a pizza topping
    3. name something that starts with the letter "X"
    4. name something associated with a knight
    5. name something in the bathroom

  2. oops, i was backwards too...

  3. 1. something you want at a hotel/extra pillow
    2. name a type of cloud/mushroom
    3. name a type of glasses/xray
    4. name an Author/ sir something that is better bigger/towel

    ps send me a fast money request! i love this game <3

  4. from Michelle D:
    1. name something you request at a hotel
    2. name something you add to spagetti sauce
    3. name something you have done in the ER
    4. name a name for a man other than "Mister"
    5. name an item brought to the beach

  5. backwards...oh riiiiggghhht...
    1. name something you bring to the theater to sit up higher
    2. name something animals live in
    3. name a test you take
    4. name something disrespectful to call someone
    ...5. name something that takes a long time to dry

  6. LOL aw you guys are so adorable. Look again, I get ZEROES for all my horrendous answers. So it's really backwards-backwards.

    I think I might be on to something here.... that is, if you like really challenging yet stupid logic games.

  7. 1. Name something you don't need on a bed full of pillows.

    2. What wouldn't you want on your pizza if you don't like mushrooms?

    3. What is another term for perfect eyesight?

    4. Name an actor who played 'Batman'.

    5. Name something not normally found in a linen closet.

  8. Just realized that my answer/question for #2 is incorrect. It should have been: What WOULD you want on your pizza if you didn't like mushrooms?

    Hey, even The Christine Show makes a mistake once in a while.

  9. 1. Name something you like to bring with you when you travel.

    2. Name a food you might be allergic to.

    3. Name something used to take a picture.

    4. Name a word used to address someone.

    5. Name something you need to take a shower.

    These are probably very off! But I have to say, I LOVE Family Feud! I don't go on FB much, but I have played it online, not in quite a while, though. I should get back into it when I have a chance-it's so fun! :)