Tuesday, September 21

Things A Guy Won't Do

Ever notice that there lots of things girls would do that a guy would never do?

I'm not trying to start a sexist rant, but it just dawned on me that there are lots of things girls would do, that -- if the situations were reversed -- a guy would never, EVER, EVER, do, even if lives depended on it.

Like, a girl would be okay with getting dressed in a full official football uniform, but most sensible guys I know would never put on an entire ballet costume, pink tutu and all.

A girl would wear a man's suit or even a tux, but a guy would never put on a wedding dress, for example, let alone any woman's dress.

Girls know, especially at an early age, that when packed in a room where clothing changes have to go on, most girls are completely okay with just dropping trau and getting down to the business. No one cares. Especially if you've got sisters, or close friends, you're used to it. Changing outfits, even exchanging clothes right then and there is not weird. And it's not that all girls are "ok" with nudity, but there's something about girls and getting changed (fully down to skivvies) in front of each other that doesn't seem strange.

I ask you guys: do you and your close buddies ever hang out in another guy's room, sift through the closet, and announce, "Can I borrow this?" as you fully disrobe in front of everyone?

I didn't think so.

Or, how about, watching a TV show or movie together, and comfortably sitting on the same couch. Maybe snuggle up on each other?

I know how weird this probably sounds, but most girls are okay with this. (at least I think so)

Here's another one: Guys, if you're getting ready in a locker room, bathroom, whatever, is it strange to intently watch other guys get groomed? Shaving? Combing their hair?

I just realized that if girls are together getting ready, and someone is running behind, a girl is likely to just sit there watching another girl put on makeup, or do their hair. Like, I admit, I sometimes get entranced watching other people do their hair & makeup. And most girls do this, and it's not weird to do it, or have someone do it to you (barring complete strangers, of course, bc then that would be creepy)

So feel free to comment, I know this could stir up some Boys vs. Girls controversy, so have it.


  1. Another thing guys don't do...Go to the bathroom in pairs...Go to a movie together (unless there are 3 or more going)...For women, all these things are bonding moments (with a touch of "sizing each other up")...LOL

  2. HHAAHAHAHA, yes the group peeing trip! From what I hear, guys won't even stand next to each other in adjacent urinals, but girls practically invite an entire party to accompany them to the john. And yes, there is a smidge of the unspoken "sizing up", so true!