Friday, September 24

New TV Shows

I have no idea who most of these people or shows are

Yesterday, Chris blogged about the best new TV shows that are out.

Monday, I watched Hawaii Five-O, which was good, entertaining, action-filled, fun. I guess.

It wasn't bad. It's just that Monday nights are not the night for me to discover a new TV show. Not when Monday has always been a troublesome night to get my DVR to obey. House, Dancing With The Stars, How I Met Your Mother. Once upon a time, I also had to find time for 24, Prison Break, Heroes. Then I discovered Castle, Drop Dead Diva, CSI: Miami, Mad Men, and Nurse Jackie. And now 90210.

So, no matter how much I enjoy/did enjoy/will enjoy Hawaii Five-O, basically if it's not available On Demand, or if CBS's website is crap (which it has been; thus my near break-up with HIMYM)... then I should probably cross this show off my list. Not gonna happen.

I'd forgotten that I had seen a couple other new shows, Nikita, Hellcats, and Covert Affairs (which started over the summer). Frankly, I'll cop to it, I like cheesy teen-shows, and any show with a kick-ass female superspy. It's the Alias fan in me, who'll give both Nikita & Covert Affairs both a 6-ish on the Jennifer Garner Ass Kicker scale. They're ok.

Hellcats, also ok.

As you can see, I'm sorta all MEH about the whole feeling of adding any more shows on to my TV watching "plate". I'm overwhelmed as it is. I mean, I am sometimes so relieved to hear a favorite show is getting cancelled (LOST) because it means I might get some of my life back. As you know, I dread DWTS & Idol season, because I know I will be compelled to watch, but it is literally a COMMITMENT.

This is why shows on Thursdays, no matter how good, are off my radar... And I've watched (and really liked) Modern Family, so I do consider this a huge sacrifice. All because Thursday is the night I've chosen to not watch TV. Especially after a Monday through Wednesday DWTS/Idol bender. By Thursday, I'm just beat.

Side note, I checked out Outsourced last night. BLECH. Also watched My Generation. Eh. Sorry folks, not worthy of a DVR Season Pass. I also watched Undercovers. Also eh. It did get a 7 on the Jen Garner Ass Kickers scale (mainly bc of the JJ Abrams affiliation, on which I should also mentioned that at exactly 9:00 in the pilot, it sounds like Abrams decided to recyle some of the Lost soundtrack.)

So unless someone tells me there's a new show that was startlingly funny, entertaining, and enlightening, and somehow also heals medical ailments and makes money appear, then I just can't co-sign the watching of a new show.


  1. I really enjoyed the premiere of Outlaw last week with Jimmy Smitts. I think it is on NBC, not sure what time though

  2. Aaah, Jimmy Smits, a TV veteran. It's only confusing right now because I'm working my way through Dexter, and I'm still on Season Three where currently Jimmy Smits is also a psychotic killer.

  3. I agree about Outsourced, but what about The Office???? Not a new show, but you don't watch??

  4. Believe it or not, I don't watch The Office... see this is how it started... years ago.... (insert flashback music here) I watched all of The Office UK (with Ricky Gervais), and loved it. When the US one started, I watched it and hated it. I heard it got better bc it stopped trying to be just like the UK version, but by then I didn't have any interest in starting a show that'd been on for a while. So there it is. I do it all for Ricky Gervais. lol.

  5. Ooooooh okay. Actually, my ex-boyfriend was into the British (original) version, and wasn't interested in the American one, so I didn't get into it until the second season, but since I hadn't seen the Ricky Gervais series, I was fine with it :) I completely understand, though-it's kind of like why I won't go see movies made from Nicholas Sparks' books, because I know they just won't be the same and I will probably totally hate them and get upset! Lol.

    I do have to say that there was one season of The Office that was TERRIBLE. I think that was 2 years ago. It was like they had horrible writers or something. But it was awesome before that and is a lot better now. I also highly recommend The Middle, it's one of the best shows on t.v. right now! :)