Wednesday, September 15

Buyer's Market

Thanks Yahoo! for this list, it sure is gonna come in handy.

Since clearly this is the time to buy a home if you've been lucky enough to be squirreling away money to maximize on this current dip in the market, here's The Most Expensive New Homes 2010.

Obviously, you'll be making out like a bandit, 'coz you'll be getting more bang for your buck. You know, that is if your "buck" is actually "bucks" totally $35 Million at the very least. There's even a $68 million bargain in North Jersey! It's like an awesome sale if you've got tons of money!

Like check out THIS SWEET DEAL!

6121 Kirkstone Lane
Windemere, Florida Mad cheap, yo!
Listing price:
$100 million completed
($75 million as is)
Year built: 2011*

This 90,000-sq.-ft. lakefront house is currently unfinished. Construction was halted on the mansion during the recession, reported The house is designed to have 13 bedrooms, 23 baths, a main kitchen with 10 satellite kitchens, and three swimming pools. Siegel is selling the house for $100 million completed, or unfinished for $75 million.

Man oh man! Imagine that! A 25% Off sale!!!

You'd be scoring a fancy HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE ... for soooo much less!!! What is this? Marshall's?!

A finished house sure would be nice, but heck, you could nab this now for only $75 million. I mean, who cares if you can only use 18 of the 23 bathrooms because they're not finished. At least you'll still have a dozen and a half bathrooms, right? And now that I think about it, I know I'm a person of simple means. Two swimming pools will suffice if we can't finish that third pool. However, I would be stressed if you can't negotiate the completion of all 10 of those mini-kitchens. I mean, it's still $75 million for godssakes. At least finish the 10 kitchens, right?

So... yeah, thanks again, Yahoo! Thanks again for making me feel like a dirt poor loser.

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