Thursday, August 12

I think I'll take another Reality Show, please!

I'm not a fan of this idea.

I like Melissa Joan Hart well enough, but I was not a fan of Sabrina.

I liked Blossom well enough, but I was not a fan of Joey Lawrence.

And now look. NOW LOOK!


This is for real.

Please don't tell me this is going to be a THING.

And by THING, I mean the beginning of a trend where we pick random sitcom stars of olde and build a new show around them. It doesn't even need a plot. Or a title. The characters need names and a long list of cute one-liners that don't even have to be good, just a few that might turn into catchphrases.

Well then. Let's take that formula and picture the future of the sitcom landscape, shall we?

What next?

Dharma & Urkel?

Fresh Screech of Bel Air?


  1. omg, where did you get those pics of Topanga??

  2. lol online of course! i dont know what the heck they were originally for...