Monday, August 2

Ghost in My TV

Screen burn-in is like having a kid brother who reveals all your embarassing TV watching secrets.  Sorta like a kid brother who most likely tossed his football around with his friends and hit the TV and still won't cop up to it.  Sorta like that.There's a Ghost in my 37" flat screen TV.

It's a profile of an old man with a huge snozz who wants to reveal all my TV-watching secrets.


So, a while ago... there was a little blip of some internal LCD crap in the upper right of the screen that suddenly appeared. This is, like, a couple years ago. It really pissed me off because no one would own up to having jostled the TV or maybe accidently having tossed a Nerf football at the TV or something (HULLO, BROTHER!) - but the spot was negligible. Well, negligible until you were watching a beautiful bright beach scene. Or golf.

Fast forward several years, and now that "negligible blip of crap" has dripped down the screen into what looks like a profile of a face.

And even worse, this weekend I discovered.... SCREEN BURN IN... revealing the fact that I have been watching Veronica Mars reruns on Netflix.

OK, so I really am currently obsessed with Veronica Mars, but I don't need a permanent reminder of the fact that I spent a week speeding through an entire season of this show.

Yes, burned into my screen is a Netflix window asking if I wanted to watch episode forty-five now.



Can I fix the "old man drip"?


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  1. The drippy thing sounds like a crack...and you're probably out of luck with that.

    If you can connect a computer to your TV, you could try something like this:

    (There are other utilities like this, but that was the first one I found....)