Friday, July 23

You say Liev, I say Balthazar. Same thing.

This morning during the Entertainment Buzz, I heard a story about Liev Schrieber, and I really tried to picture him in my head, and all I kept coming up with is Balthazar Getty.

Then I tried to picture Liev Schrieber and blonde gal-pal Naomi Watts, and kept coming up with Balthazar Getty, and his blonde gal-pal, Sienna Miller.

And then I figured it out:

Liev Schrieber & Balthazar Getty look too much alike!

And I know I'm not crazy because I actually cribbed those pics from a blog specifically about how these two look alike.

So. How to tell them apart?

Both are familiar-looking stud-types with weird names. Pretty long, decent careers. Dating blonde foreign starlets.

In case you couldn't figure it out, Liev & Naomi are the ones the left, Balthazar & homewrecker Sienna are the ones on the right.

LOL, why bother, right?

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  1. hahaha i cant tell them apart at all :DD