Thursday, July 22

I love when I discover something new on the World Wide Web

I'm the chick from Cascada.  I sing real good and more, I also speak English real good.Today I came across these videos on YouTube of Cascada.

You know Cascada... the German "eurodance" group with the one singer and the two producers who mix the sounds together that she sings on top of, and they're usually dance-y remakes of songs we already know.

LOL. Well, today I uncovered two new things about Cascada.

One, their lead singer Natalie Horler speaks perfect English, and I mean, like from the UK kind of English. So when they say she's English-German, it would be like saying someone is Italian-American; her folks are from England but she was born & raised in Germany. So her "British accent" sorta weirded me out.

And two, she can actually sing! Like pretty well. I don't know why I didn't think she'd be any good, but anyhoo, here is the proof:

Oh, and here she is being British:

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