Thursday, May 20

WIN CRAP FROM THE SET! It's "Lost: The Auction"

I could not have made this up, even if I tried.

Basically, EVERYTHING IS GOING. Every last little detail & prop in a massive auction this summer. It's actually impressive & weird at the same time.

Here's just a small sampling of what's up on the auction block.

I hope to Mary these aren't filled with heroin, 'coz that would suck.

Henry Gale is a black dude.  Get it right, Ben! DUH!

Namaste, y'all!  Best line from the other night... MILES:  Yeah I lived in these houses too... 30 years ago... or last week.

Most random numbers ever.

Dharma-brand products!  I bet they got a glass cleaner that could kick Windex's ass.

Sloan's awesome jacket.  Like, totally!Is there any TV show or movie where you would want a prop as memorabilia?

Hmm.... For me, maybe Sloan Peterson's white leather friged jacket from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Book of Shadows

A mirrored Disco Ball Trophy from Dancing With The Stars?

Dexter's box of blood samples?

The "Book of Shadows" from Charmed?

I don't know.

Do I really want to own anything that bad? How about you?

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