Friday, May 21

Adults like to play with the Moonbounce too.

Yippee.  A KIDS toy.I don't have kids, so the words "MOON" and "BOUNCE" paired with the word "FREE" don't usually have the power to light a fire under my butt.

Except, I do resent the fact that anywhere you show up and there is a large inflatable item with its own generator and operator, this mecca of fun & enjoyment is limited only to CHILDREN.


So, you can understand why I might get excited when I see other great uses for a bouncey house.

Just proves that a moonbounce is not just for kids. It's also for immature adults who like ludicrous stunts as a form of entertainment.

Thanks again to the Y for finding this gem.


  1. At least wear a life jacket, you dumb s$#%%s

  2. Should attach a cheap motor to it. that'd be sweet.