Thursday, April 29

Suggestion Box. Well, more like Suggestion Stall.

I was in the ladies room of an office building, and here was this sign (novel) hanging in one stall:

Hahahah.... wow. Now, I'm not certain, but there might've been an equally effective but shorter way to get this point across. Or maybe, they were trying to serve dual purpose, by providing reading material in the form of this very memo. Who knows.

I also laughed because of the follow-up reply scribbled in the corner. It was true because there were no hooks in that stall for years, which was quite annoying in the winter.

Yknow, I never did like the smell of the soap they have by the sink... I probably should've jotted that complaint on the other corner of this page.

I'm pretty sure there was a little room left.

1 comment:

  1. This wasn't our office was it? Because, if it was our men's room receives no such newspapers, and I will be writing an angry letter that will be posted as well