Friday, April 30

30 Days Hath September, blah blah blah

Now that we've got that figured out... Righty... Tighty... Lefty... ?I'm going shopping with my friend Amy after work today.

Getting this plan together was a minor feat -- mainly because my cell phone battery is drained, and of course that's where I have all her contact info stored.

I finally figured out how to send emails to cell phones, so I managed to power up the phone one last time and barely got her cell number. So here I've been trying to write emails in that text message shorthand that we all love to hate.

So, now I'm googling directions to her house from work, and I am completely blanking out on her address. Not wanting to insult her, and wanting to avoid having to concoct yet anthr email 2 send 2 her ph, I am trying to just remember her address on her own.

I've even Google-mapped her house and have inspected every street name in her town.

But mostly, I've put all my efforts in trying to remember the joke.

Which joke?

The really corny one that my other friends tell when we drive to Amy's house. Something to do with the name of the main drag in her development.

Something about hoedowns? Maybe Applachian Drive?

Or was it about how "Look guys, how did we get to New York so quickly -- coz LOOK! It says Albany!" Albany Road?

Or was the joke how it was, "All about the... WHAT?! Say it with me!" (Benjamin Ave?)


Amazing how this is what I'm focusing on, instead of just asking her.

It's sad how there are stuff we don't remember unless they're related to something or someone else.

I never misspell my one friend's last name, because I keep telling myself, "Mike Lies... therefore it's Mike Lieberman. Not Mike Leiberman."

Or "I before E except after C"

Or "30 Days Hath September.... " -- it's the only way I know that tomorrow is May 1st and not April 31st.

It's just too bad about my old favorite: My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine .... (crickets)....

One day, we'll be teaching our kids basic astronomy and just sigh. "There used to be Nine Pizzas, kids. We used to have another planet... and I forgot what it was called, but it started with a P. Hmm, maybe it was called 'Pizza' "

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