Monday, April 26

OK, so what's the deal with Stink Bugs??

Crunchy!   VOMIT.I don't really care to Google the answers to what few questions I have about Stink Bugs -- I'd rather just hear from credible sources ... you guys.

'Coz you guys are just like me, just keepin' on keepin' on, trying to get by in a world newly infested by STINK BUGS.

They're all over our office, and where I live, and aside from being huge, a little unnerving, and so weird & dry looking, I just wanna know one thing:


I am always afraid I will crunch it, and STINK will just start leaking out all over the place, in my hands, in my air, in my general vicinty, etc.

So, I usually just cup it in a tissue, and go all the way over to a toilet bowl where I then immediately flush it.

This is just annoying sometimes.

Like, if they start to panic, will they start to emit Stink (i.e. skunks)? One landed in my DRINK, no less, and he/she/it actually swam around for awhile, but I made a mad dash for the bathroom bc I was afraid that Stink would start arising from my cup if the little Stinker started drowning.

Is there a good way to do it with minimal Stink danger?


  1. My husband and I suck them up with the dust buster. We watch them spin around until we think they are dead. Same thing for spiders. Works like a charm!

  2. wow. . .amy you really did cool.. but stink bugs really leave stinks, how did you get rid of that?